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Our story

Our Story

I wanted to create a different cosmetic which looked for the gentlest intimacy with our skin; a return to basics for healthy, aesthetic beauty.


The creator, Estelle Piron, is a woman of science who became a PhD engineer specialising in natural polymers. She worked for 15 years in the field of health and aesthetics on Injectable Medical Devices, which she developed. She studied the skin beside dermatologists and specialist doctors and has filed a dozen patents.

After having worked in big laboratories she co-founded her own, VIVACY. This was a very successful adventure. Throughout all these years in particular she created and patented ranges of hyaluronic acid-based injectables for filling wrinkles, which are currently leaders in the aesthetic medicine market. In addition, she created and patented medical products for joint and also eye viscosupplementation. In this way she developed and acquired specialist expertise in these fields.


After this professional accomplishment, this hectic life, she left for Australia looking for calm, serenity and inspiration for making a fresh start. 

There she discovered aboriginal art, so enigmatic and original and very bound up with nature and full of ancestral beliefs*. She was inspired by the approach to beauty based on the use of simple, natural ingredients. In particular macadamia oil, very widespread there as it comes from Australia, proved to be a treasure trove of hydration and softness for her skin.

It was during this year abroad that the seed was sown for the design of her future products.

She wanted to make the best use of nature’s treasures and her expertise so she was to design pure, healthy and effective cosmetic products that met the skin’s needs. Products that are simple and pleasant to use, devoid of controversial or even harmful additives, easy to carry when travelling or on business trips. Gentle, voluptuous treatments that envelop us, moisturise us and protect us naturally and effectively, in elegant, practical bottles.


The needs of the skin at its deeper levels are well known and, for the creator of EPICOSM, hyaluronic acid is best able to satisfy them. It is an essential component of the dermis, providing it with its reservoir of water, and is perfectly biocompatible.

Although the dermis is rich in water (about 80%), the superficial layer of the epidermis is mainly lipids, oily with only 10 to 15% water. 

If your skin is well moisturised – i.e. it is prevented from dehydrating – and well protected, this helps it to regenerate from inside, and enables it to preserve its beauty and health, and push back age by injections. It therefore seems to her essential to focus now on meeting these skin needs superficially.

Ancestral vegetable oils, which combine naturally with the superficial lipid layer of the skin, are what the skin needs every day to be well nourished, well moisturised, well protected, supple and soft.

Amongst the many vegetable oils available, the composition and properties of macadamia oil are perfect and its texture is ideal!

By adding other oils with complementary properties, polar lipids to perfect the role of epidermal shield, natural moisturising factors (NMF) to reinforce superficial hydration, vitamins and other anti-oxidants to help the cells to regenerate, these oils becomes complete treatments from which the skin can draw what it needs.


It was in the heart of the Alps that Estelle Piron considered her many ideas in greater depth, validated her concept and her first formulas with a famous pharmaceuticals specialist, Dr D Colletta, an organic chemist. Then she decided to go for it!

She pays particular attention to the texture of the treatments and their fragrances, in order to obtain a feeling of well-being and softness as soon as they are applied and a finish that is neither oily nor shiny.

A first patent was filed followed by a second, resulting in the development of a range of vegetable oil-based cosmetics.



Ethical beauty oils that are healthy and effective as well as “light”, containing everything the skin needs with nothing more and not too much, make it possible to maintain youthfulness and preserve our health. Products adapted to the skin’s needs, depending on age, sex and wishes!

In order to meet expectations of softness better, she incorporates a new beauty routine: application with a “fresh”, massaging roll-on! This packaging is ideal for protecting the ingredients from oxidation, using only the desired dose and targeting certain areas better. It is a perfect match for the sought-after values of simplicity and eco-responsibility.

Travel “light” as it is practical packaging and takes up little space!

The design of the packaging, inspired by aboriginal art, is the image of the creator’s values. This Australian art, so very creative yet simple, so characteristic of Man’s attachment to nature, symbolises EPICOSM’s identity.

EPICOSM is an alliance between a specialist in anti-ageing’s knowledge of the skin, expertise in development, medical ethics and the need to return to basics, naturalness and transparency.

* Aboriginal art:

Australian aboriginal art, one of the oldest arts going back more than 40,000 years, is inspired by the aborigines’ belief in their origins, “Dreamtime”, which they want to perpetuate so that the world continues to be beautiful. Without this they believe that the world would wither away and become a dead earth again.

In particular, this spiritual art represents the journeys of the “Great Ancestor Spirits” (demi-gods, animals, plants, etc.), the myths from which they are developed, nature and the land in all their splendour. It perpetuates the memory of their people.

Aboriginal art is characteristic of Man’s attachment and deep respect for nature and its beauty.

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