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Our philosophy

Our philosophy


100% active compositions, without unnecessary diluent water…. with everything the skin needs, with nothing more… and not too much! An oleo-serum is enough to moisturise, nourish, protect and regenerate the skin, without changing it.
At home or when travelling, take care of yourself with just this one product!

Products of natural origin

All our products are of natural origin (> 96%), and are made in France in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices.

A base of vegetable oils in perfect affinity with mainly lipid skin surfaces

  • Ancestral vegetable oils
    Since Ancient Times vegetable oils have been used for skin care. It is no longer necessary to demonstrate their advantages and safety. Their richness in fatty acids, anti-oxidants, vitamins and triglycerides make it possible to nourish, moisturise, protect and regenerate the skin.
  • One oil in particular, macadamia oil, is present in all our products
    It comes from Australia where it is widely found. It is gentle to the touch and easily penetrates without leaving an oily film. It is what is known as a “dry” oil. It is one of the few vegetable oils that are rich in palmitoleic acid, one of the main fatty acids responsible for lipid metabolism. It has many virtues and is nourishing, soothing and anti-dehydrating. It is non-comedogenic* and a sebo-regulator making it totally suitable for all skin types.

* non-comedogenic: product which does not clog the pores in the skin, enabling blackheads to be avoided.

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Healthy products for the skin’s well-being

Because we want our products to have the best safety possible, unlike most cosmetics on the market EPICOSM® oleo-cosmetics are:

  • Preservative-free (parabens, phenoxyethanol, chlorphenesin, sorbic acid, etc.)
  • Free from potentially irritant surfactants
  • Allergen-free (see Dir 2003/15/EC)
  • Free from essential oils which, despite being natural and having many virtues, are potentially allergenic and irritant

And, of course, free from phthalates, PEG, synthetic fragrances silicones, synthetic additives (chelating agents, stabilisers, pH adjusters, etc.) which are potentially toxic, irritant and even endocrine disruptors.

100% active products with reinforced anti-ageing efficacy

Vegetable oils are in themselves skin treatments, but the lifestyle in which we are evolving has changed. External aggression, pollution, increased stress. etc. are more prevalent than in the past.

The anti-ageing efficacy of our oleo-serums has therefore been reinforced by anti-ageing active substances known and recognised for their efficacy and skin tolerance (Vitamins A and E, Coenzyme Q10, etc.).

Our oleo-serums: concentrates of active ingredients for the prevention of ageing and the beauty of the skin

Clever packaging

Packaging is a key element when vegetable oils are used. In fact, these are especially sensitive to light and oxygen, which play a role in their accelerated oxidation leading to rancidity.

Our packaging is therefore opaque and, due to the roll-on, air exchanges are strictly limited during daily use. The roll-on also allows a gentle, massaging application and better control of the dose used.

An eco-responsible approach and products

Our products are designed, developed and manufactured in France, using ingredients from renewable resources. They are free from palm oil, GMOs, nanoparticles, etc.
Our products are both concentrated and “all-in-one”, thus limiting waste.
Our packaging can be recycled (glass, cardboard) and we do not cover them with a secondary plastic film.
And of course, we do not use any ingredients of animal origin or perform any tests on animals*, (*compliant with the cosmetic regulations in force).

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