Composition details

Composition details

The basis of EPICOSM treatments: vegetable oils

On their own vegetable oils are a cosmetic treatment of choice.

  • They are rich in fatty acids and essential fatty acids, perfectly in affinity with the superficial lipid layer of the skin. They will reinforce the intercellular lipid cement and the lipid phase of the hydrolipidic film. They will relax and nourish the skin, soften it and protect it from dehydration and therefore moisturise it.
  • They are rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals and each of them has specific properties. Similarly their different textures give a more or less oily or dry finish on application.
  • They allow the skin to breathe, whereas mineral oils and silicones are comedogenic and can, over time, block the pores in the skin, thus opposing its physiology.
  • They preserve the skin pH, guaranteeing the anti-bacterial efficacy it provides.

Without inactive diluent water

on average present at 70 or even 80% in cosmetic “creams”!

Without preservatives, surfactants or superfluous additives

Because, without water, there is no possible proliferation of germs, bacteria or fungi. Without additives of the surfactant type, stabilising agents or pH adjusters, useless if there is no aqueous phase. All these ingredients, which are potentially irritant, allergenic or endocrine disruptors, are excluded from EPICOSM treatments.

This oily base is enriched with:

  • Polar lipids
  • of the ceramide type, elements that are essential to the barrier role of the lipid cement. Ideally they will complement the vegetable oils and return its quality to the lipid cement for optimal protection against external stresses and dehydration.

    They promote superficial skin hydration by enriching the hydrolipidic film and retaining water as a result of their amphiphilic (which likes water and oil) characteristic.

    • PCA

    (pyrrolidone carboxylic acid), major component of natural moisturising factors (NMF), a humectant which will enrich the hydrolipidic film, improving superficial hydration.

    • Vitamin A, E and Coenzyme Q10

    apart from their powerful protective, anti-oxidant action which limits ageing, they will help the skin to regenerate by encouraging the renewal of keratinocytes. In this way they contribute to the neo-synthesis of natural moisturising factors (NMF) and epidermal lipids. The skin progressively regains its natural hydration due to the renewed good quality hydrolipidic film.

    These active ingredients also encourage the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid within the dermis, progressively giving the skin back its elasticity and firmness.

Depending on the treatments specific complementary active ingredients …

… may be added (Vitamin C, lipoamino-acids, etc.,) to act on radiance, firmness, smoothing of wrinkles, etc.

These are selected for both their safety and their efficacy. They are known and recognised, and much sought after by dermatologists.

If some are not available in natural form, due in particular to their insolubility in oils (e.g. Vitamin C), they remain perfectly healthy and in particular very effective. We have therefore selected them to ensure our products are even more effective

We have chosen not to use essential oils

which, despite their many virtues, are often very allergenic and potentially irritant. We want the EPICOSM treatments to be as neutral as possible in terms of potential allergies.

In the same way we are committed to avoiding allergens.

Our products are free from the 26 allergens in Directive 2003/15/EC (those identified as most at risk) thus minimising the risk of potential allergies linked to their composition.

The texture of our products

has been worked out to give a penetrating, non-oily, cocooning finish; the natural, allergen-free fragrances are discrete, fruity and enchanting. The skin is soft, moisturised, regenerated and well-protected. It draws on the treatments according to its needs.

Thus, unlike existing products (serums, creams, etc.), EPICOSM oleo-cosmetics make it possible to provide the skin with nutrition, hydration, anti-radical protection and regeneration in a single treatment.

They act as well on the surface as they do further down.

They are formulated for optimum tolerance and are suitable for all skin types.

The skin draws what it needs from the oleo-cosmetics, without finding potentially harmful substances in them.

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