Oleo-Cosmetics from Epicosm

Oleo-Cosmetics from Epicosm

Taking care of your skin means giving it what it needs, with complete affinity:
moisturising and nourishing it, not attacking it or irritating it or allowing potentially harmful substances to penetrate it (preservatives, allergens, potential endocrine disruptors, etc.).

Moisturising the skin is in fact preventing it from dehydrating, nourishing it is providing it with lipids. So EPICOSM® Oleo-Cosmetics, cocktails of vegetable oils enriched with anti-ageing ingredients, will replace your moisturising serums and creams. In 1 to 2 healthy, simple, active treatments, which can be layered, they will enable you to take real care of your skin.

Our treatments are suitable for all skin types, regenerative, antioxidant and preservative-free. They progressively enable your skin to regain its smooth, glowing appearance, while protecting it from the various sources of external stress (sun, pollution, smoking, etc.) and from ageing.

The principle of EPICOSM Oleo-Cosmetics

The principle of EPICOSM Oleo-Cosmetics is both to protect the skin from ageing and to restore its natural resource by respecting its physiology and using natural, healthy, effective products without preservatives or any other potentially harmful ingredients: products that are 100% active, without inactive diluent water.

Quite the opposite, the large majority of cosmetics products contain preservatives, surfactants, allergens, and miscellaneous additives, which can call into question the safety of these products and potentially give them a dual effect: beneficial in one respect and harmful in another.

Preserving skin quality and restoring it involves:

  • protecting, moisturising and nourishing it, reinforcing its role as a protective barrier when this weakens. In this way the skin becoming fragile is avoided, as is the acceleration of changes due to extrinsic ageing.
  • strengthening its protection with antioxidants to limit the internal and external damage related to an increase in oxidative stress with age.
  • helping it to regenerate, renew and regain a good quality internal structure providing greater firmness, elasticity and radiance.

So the composition of EPICOSM treatments has been carefully thought out to guarantee:

  • that the skin barrier is properly restored and the skin is well hydrated, focussing on involving the 3 mechanisms for skin hydration (1):
  • strengthening of the lipid cement to optimise the barrier role of the stratum corneum, and prevent dehydration
  • encouragement of the synthesis of natural moisturising factors (NMF), which are water scavengers.
  • Reconstitution of a good quality hydrolipidic film
  • A powerful, synergistic anti-oxidant protection and a strong regenerating action
  • Specific targeted anti-ageing actions depending on the treatment (radiance, firmness, brightening, anti-wrinkle/replumping, etc.) as a result of active ingredients selected for the optimised penetration of the epidermis and dermis

(1) La peau : une interface par « excellence ». Pr. JP.Marty, Dr C.Laverdet. Dermoscopie n°6 – Mai 2007.

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