Packaging is a key element in cosmetics. At EPICOSM, we have optimized it both in terms of the quality of the care it contains and its durability, convenience of use and eco-responsibility.

Chic, practical, ethical, fun

Glass, the reference material

  • Inert et stableIt allows to limit as much as possible the interactions with the content, thus limiting the migration of possible additives from the packaging into the product. 
  • Moreover glass is recyclable ! 

At EPICOSM, we prefer glass for all our packaging, except in case of technical constraints.

Protect cosmetics from air and light,

Vegetable oils and vitamins are particularly sensitive to air and light, which participate in their accelerated oxidation and thus impair their effectiveness.

Our oleo-serums based on vegetable oils, vitamins and antioxidants are therefore packaged in glass bottles 

  • that we have done black lacquers, making them opaque to protect the formulas from UV rays from the outside.
  • the nozzle we have chosen is a roll'on format, air exchanges are thus strongly limited during daily use.

Optimized preservation and quality throughout its life.

The nomadic roll'on: clever and practical

The use of the roll'on allows more :

  • A soft, massaging, draining application,
  • Better control of the dose usedwithout "over-consuming",
  • A more precise targeting of the desired area if needed (e.g. in case of stains or very dry areas). 
  • Application of the product even on "hard to reach" parts, such as the wings of the nose. 


Finally, the "nomadic" roll'on is easy to take everywhere, without taking up much space.

The eco-responsible roll'on

  • serum, day cream, night cream and eye contour cream for women, 
  • aftershave and anti-aging for men


Limited over-consumption and recyclable packaging, the eco-responsible EPICOSM packaging.


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